WHEELSearch helps you through the process of choosing the best ride for you, and then going out and getting it. We'll make sure you're educated on your options, including the latest tech in the automotive market, so you feel confident that you've ended up in the right ride.




I'll take you through a custom assessment to determine the perfect vehicle for you. We'll review your top priorities and your budget to figure out exactly what you should be driving. I'll make sure you wind up with a smile on your face.


Don't navigate the dealership alone. I'll make sure you get a great deal that you'll be thrilled with. I can even join you at the negotiating table, so you know you've got the upper hand.


With the auto industry changing faster than ever, it helps to get an education in all the new tech that's available. I conduct educational seminars that focus on all the screens and sensors in modern cars, plus all the classes of vehicles available.



WHEELSearch is led by Randy Lioz, an automotive professional for over 15 years. Randy has worked all over the industry, including Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader, automotive analytics and forecasting, advertising and retail. He currently writes for an automotive education website.

Randy is an expert in the wide variety of vehicles on the market, and can help you find the perfect car at the right price.

He's able to guide you through the full shopping process. He'll do what he does best so you can focus on enjoying your new wheels.  


I left the seminar knowing a lot more about the features in today’s vehicles, and what I will look for in my next purchase. I recommend anyone who may be in the market for a vehicle to attend Randy’s seminar. I definitely feel much more confident in looking for vehicles.

Matt Hitchings

I felt like [Randy] was really prepared, and taking the [Car-ED] quiz really geared [him] toward helping me getting into the bullseye, and not wasting my time. I would be very interested in learning more about the different seminars [he's] put together and the different segments in the industry.

Allan Vargas

I loved the seminar! [Randy was] knowledgeable and unbiased, giving the pros and cons of SUVs and Minivans. With that information, I walked away wanting to purchase a minivan (which I never thought would happen)!

Robin Hitchings





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